Candle Care Guide: Enjoy the Perfect Burn Every Time

Ensure the best experience with your new candle by following our simple care guide. With proper care, you'll enjoy the perfect burn and make the most of your handcrafted, eco-friendly candle.

  1. Trim the Wick: Before each use, trim the wick to 5mm. This ensures a clean, even burn and prevents soot from forming.
  2. Burn Time: For the first burn, allow the candle to create a full melt pool, which may take up to 4 hours. This prevents tunneling and maximizes the life of your candle.
  3. Keep It Steady: Place your candle on a heat-resistant surface, away from drafts, children, and pets to ensure an even burn.
  4. Extinguish Safely: Use a candle snuffer or gently dip the wick into the melted wax to extinguish the flame. This prevents smoke and keeps your wick in the best condition for future use.
  5. Store Properly: Keep your candle in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight to preserve its fragrance and appearance.